Voteless = Hopeless.

This post stems from the below post that I made on Facebook this afternoon:


I received many comments and reactions, and was told by several friends and family members to inform them on the conversation. Well, here it is:

My classmates and I anxiously awaited the arrival of these members of the Trump campaign so that we could hear what they had to say, and quite frankly, why they were saying it.

I was EXTREMELY surprised that I saw a man and woman walk into the room who looked like ME. Two mid-aged African Americans walked into the room with all smiles while a class full of college journalists had looks of confusion on our faces while our teacher and assistant dean reminded us to “remain objective, respective, and unbiased.”

These two people who seemed to be very accomplished told us about their careers and reasons for being Republican. The woman forcefully added that she will be casting her vote for Trump tomorrow, while the man stated that he was “weighing his options.”

The woman said her reasons for being a part of this campaign was because she’s a small business owner, is a Christian as well as pro-life, wants to pay less taxes and wants to build “legacy wealth.” They both used to work on Capitol Hill, and it came out that the man was from DETROIT. Where I’m from! (I’m not completely sure about this, though, because I personally feel that he was stressing it too much and trying to prove that he “made it out of the hood,” as he stated.) He said that he was a republican because he is all for second amendment rights, considering that he was from Seven Mile (he didn’t state a cross street so maybe he’s from the whole mile.) He went on to talk about how he learned how to shoot when he was five, since the “hood” of Detroit that he’s from was so bad, and his family kept a gun in every drawer in their home… He also bashed the Detroit Public School System, and stated that he is all for the Republican Party changing the lowliness of public education. The man also told us that he went to prison for a year upon college graduation for a federal crime, so he’s trying to assist the Republican Party in removing the boxes asking if people have been convicted of crimes on job and voter applications.

Our class had a brief Q&A with them, and they avoided most of our questions or beat around the bush – definitely not answering directly, though. For example, a classmate asked if the man hired people [like him] with criminal records and he responded, “I like for my companies to be diverse. I love hiring people that look like me, people in the LGBT community, Hispanics, etc.” My classmate asked the question again, and he responded that they don’t discriminate, so I guess he answered the question?

The class ended with the man saying that he had more to offer the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, and that the African American Race is irresponsible for giving 80% of our vote to one party. Well, I think that it’s more irresponsible if people don’t go out and vote at all. I voted already, did you?! Tomorrow, November 8, 2016 is a vital day where we need to express a right that we once did not have. African Americans were granted the right to vote in 1965 – a mere 51 years ago. A voteless people is a hopeless people. If you don’t vote, you don’t and you won’t have a voice.

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt


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