My Fellowship Experience!

As summer has officially come to a close and I’ve jumped into school for yet another year, I realized that I anticipated the question that I once dreaded. “What’d you do this summer?” This year, I was excited, and humbled to answer, “I worked at ESPN, in New York City.” I expected to hear many “ooh’s” and “ahh’s,” maybe even some smacked lips, and others asking about the overall experience and what I got out of it.

I’m not selfish, so I’m willing to tell all that I know, for the benefit of a peer.

I spent my entire summer – nine weeks to be exact – with the “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” something that I thought would only exist in my dreams.

The breakdown was six weeks in New York, one week in Connecticut and two weeks in Washington, D.C., all places where ESPN offices are located.

As expected in life, I had some ups and downs with my experience. These were all things to take note of, because it’s about time to figure out what I really want (and don’t want) in a work experience.

  • Ups
    • I was chosen to be apart of an elite group. The program that I was apart of is in its inaugural year, so it was amazing to be selected as the first of the “Rhoden Fellows.”
    • This program was actually a fellowship, meaning I’m considered an employee of ESPN, and I still work for them now. We’re not technically interns, simply because we still work remotely during the school year.
    • My work is published online!
    • I worked with five other people, who I also lived with for the duration of the summer. (This felt like a down sometimes – haha – simply because of the mixture of personalities, and being together 24/7 – but that’s all part of growing up and having a unique experience.)
    • I was in NEW YORK CITY! Shopping, sightseeing, great food – what more could a girl ask for?
  • Downs
    • Sometimes, or a lot of times, we worked long I’m talking 12 hour days, for days straight.
    • There was a lot expected of me. (Which, of course is good because I’m more than capable of doing what’s asked of me, and more, but whew it’s tiring!)
    • Riding the subway was literally one of the most confusing things ever and it took me an extremely long time to catch on to it *rolls eyes*

To be completely honest, the “downs “are all really small things, and in reality I’m being a little dramatic. Anyway, in my Alicia Keys voice I sing “in Newww Yorkkkk!” here’s a (very condensed) list of places I visited while in the Big Apple:

  • I lived in Brooklyn Heights, NY
  • I worked in Manhattan, NY
  • Of course I had to see tourist-y stuff like Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and Coney Island
  • A Live Taping of The View
  • NY Mets Game
  • NY Red Bulls Game
  • NY Giants Training Camp
  • NY Jets Training Camp
  • The New York Times
  • GMA Summer Series in Central Park, where Big Sean performed
  • Carlo’s Bakery (Home of Cake Boss)
  • Kleinfeld Bridal (Home of Say Yes to the Dress)

All in all, the experience was like no other, and I’m thrilled to see what Summer 2018 holds. Here’s a look at Summer 2017:



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